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Let Us Fix Your Hail Damage and Save Time and Money!

If Your Car Has Suffered the Consequences of a Hail Storm

Do You Have an Insurance Policy? If the answer is yes, we have great news for you! PDR is the preferred repair method of most insurance companies, meaning that you get to save even more money. Plus, in most cases, we can also negotiate the deductible with you so you can fix your car and hit the road while you are making a great deal. Experience and Quality at Your Service Our experience in paintless dent removal goes beyond any make and model you can imagine, as we have more than 15 years dealing with all types of vehicles from all around Sydney. We strive to do everything possible to restore your ride to its factory finish. If you have any dents or hail damage and can’t seem to stand those little “eyesores” anymore, we can get them off once and for all. , We Are Here for You!!!

Dents are unavoidable at some point, especially if you live in a place like Sydney where hail storms strike frequently and can harm your vehicle. If that moment comes and your car suffers from hail damage, we can help you fix it in a fast, affordable, and effective way.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a dent removal process for eliminating dents, creases, dings, and hail damage. Unlike conventional body shop repairs, Paintless Dent Repair will preserve the factory finish of your vehicle, no fillers, bonds, chemicals, or repainting necessary. Our highly trained PDR certified technicians use specialized tools to slowly massage and reshape dents from behind the panel, restoring both the metal and paint to the pre-dent condition.

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