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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is MDR - Mobile Dent Removal an approved repairer for my insurance company?
    Yes, we do work for all the major insurance companies.
  • What warranty do we offer on repairs?
    We offer a lifetime warranty on all workmanship and a manufacturer warranty on all genuine parts. This means that all smash repairs are guaranteed for the time that you own the vehicle.
  • How long does it normally take to complete a car dent repair?
    Approximate times of completion for your damage to be repaired will be around 2 - 4 hours depending on the size, location and accessibility of the dent.
  • How much does a paintless dent repair cost?
    To be able to give you an estimate without seeing the damage in person we require clear images to provide an accurate quote over the phone.
  • Where can my car be repaired?
    We are mobile meaning that we can come to you regardless of where you are, be it your home or your workplace.
  • What are the benefits of using paintless dent removal?
    The most important benefit with the Paintless Dent Removal method is the quality of the repair. No spray painting is required, your car will keep its original colour. Also the repair time is much quicker then bringing it to a conventional smash repair shop.
  • Are all dents and dings able to be removed?
    Any dent assessed as not being 100% repairable is brought your attention. This will generally happen if the panel is damaged or creased badly or the metal is over stretched. We can repair the following - Small to larger dents All panel dents & door dents Shopping trolley dents Hail damage dents Scratches Creases Please note that some dents may not be accessable as they are enclosed between body frames.
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