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Tips For Avoiding Hail Damage

Sydney is in the part of the country where you can expect more hailstorms than in other parts of the country. While you may not be able to avoid hailstorms entirely, there are a few preventative measures you can take to try and minimize the damage to your car, even if you don’t have a garage.

Metal Carport

If you have space and the money, you can install a metal carport on your property for a fairly low cost. On the minimal end of the spectrum, a carport is simply posts and a roof, but you can also build a carport with aesthetics to match your house.

Car Cover

If a storm is coming and you have the time, put a fitted car cover on the car to minimize hail damage. In a pinch, large blankets can also work, but you’ll want to use duct tape to fix them to the bottom of the car where it won’t cause paint damage, and the blankets won’t blow away. As a last-ditch effort, put your floor mats on the car, though they may blow away in the storm.

Stay on Top of Weather Alerts

Make sure you have a way to monitor the weather. If you have enough warning, you may be able to get your car to a covered area.

Large Buildings

Depending on where you and your car are located, you may be able to use large buildings to your advantage. If you can identify which way the storm is blowing, park on the side of a building that’s on the opposite side. Strong winds and the large building may push the hail past your vehicle.

If you do end up with some hail damage to your car, contact MDR Sydney Paintless Dent Removal and schedule an appointment to remove the dents and dings. We use paintless dent removal to make your car look great again.

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