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Cost Effective Hail Damage Repair Tips

Nobody likes to wake up in the morning and find hail damage on its car. It hurts more when you knew it was going to hail but you could not move your car under the carport or in the garage by lack of space. But that’s not the end of the world, you can still can get your car fixed without spending money out of pocket. If you signed up for a comprehensive coverage policy, hail damage is considered to be an “act of god”, so the damage resulting from it are covered by your insurance company. Depending on your policy, your deductible amount (which is the insurance repair check minus the cost the repair) varies.

The most important part will be to find a paintless dent repair shop that will waive your deductible and restore your car to pristine condition. The alternative is going to a body shop that will charge you more money for the job. The worst choice would be to request some paint job. You do not need to apply paint on the damaged surface unless it is cracked. The value of paintless dent repair is to offer a cost-effective solution that will restore your car to its original condition without changing the factory paint.

To perform Paintless Dent Removal, the technician uses specialized tools to have access to the backside of the panel and gently massage the dent until it fades away. Another technique is to bond a device to the exterior of the panel and pull the dent from the topside. Over the last decade, PDR has been the favorite method of fixing hail damage for insurance companies and body shops.

You will find online tons of DIY articles describing how to repair dents with methods like hot water, dry ice or a hair dryer. While sometimes it can be easily applied on isolated dents from minor collision, these methods are ineffective when there is a higher dent density on the panel. It is safe to take your car to your local paintless dent repair shop and wait for the repairs. Compare the benefits of different shops such as waiving the deductible and offering a free rental during repairs before selecting the repair shop.

Mobile Dent Removal Sydney specializes in restoring hail damaged cars/trucks to pristine condition. We also fix door dings

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