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3 Tips To Avoid Door Dings

The definition of bad luck is driving to Woolworths to buy groceries and notice a door ding on your car when you come back. Good luck explaining that to your insurance company and get them to cover the cost of dent repair. This scenario is avoidable if you follow these 3 tips.

Pay attention to isolated shopping carts

When you enter the parking lot, look around to see if there are stray carts and avoid parking close to them. In general, stores cannot be held liable for damage caused by their shopping cart unless you can prove their negligence. Therefore, it is your responsibility to adopt defensive parking habits.

Park away

I know that it is always tempting to park close to the main entrance so that you can find your car easily and reduce your commute, but it is a very busy spot. By parking close to many cars, you increase your chances of being dented by a car. Always park away from cars and you’ll be fine.

Allow enough door room for your neighboring car

Sometimes every parking spot is taken, so you have no choice but parking between 2 cars. You will notice that some drivers parked well their car in the middle of their spot, and some did not. Try to find a spot where there is enough room to open the door to reduce the risk a door dings or scratches.

Mobile Dent Removal Sydney Paintless Dent Removal specializes in restoring hail damaged cars/trucks to pristine condition. We also fix door dings.

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