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Hailstorms are just a part of life in many areas of the country, particularly during the summer months. Unfortunately, these storms often result in considerable damage to property, including vehicles that are hit by hailstones. In fact, hailstorms cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage each year in Sydney. Here’s why paintless dent repair is the right choice after a hailstorm.

COST The cost of paintless dent repair is often considerably less than conventional auto body repair. The lower costs are obviously important for vehicle owners who do not have comprehensive insurance to cover the repair bill. In some cases, the cost of paintless dent repair may be less than your insurance deductible, which means you still save money even if you do have comprehensive insurance.

SPEED Paintless dent repair is a much faster process than traditional auto body repair. This means that you have your vehicle back sooner and limit the inconvenience. This becomes an even larger issue following a severe storm when thousands of vehicles are damaged in one area. The repair backlog that a severe storm creates may result in waiting months to have a vehicle repaired in a body shop.

QUALITY The quality of paintless dent repair is important. Our process is able to repair hail damage and other dents and dings while still preserving the original finish. This means you don’t have to worry about paint not matching correctly or the repair being noticeable.

INSURANCE Paintless dent repair is an accepted option for hail damage repair. Auto insurance companies will cover the cost of paintless dent repair for insured vehicles.

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